Cricket LG Phone Signal

  • 25 September 2021
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I bought a cricket LG Stylo in Jan only 2 months went buy had nothing but problems even though I pay for protection due to car accedent an breaking 8 of my verterbra wasnt able get to ups send phone back before they would replace so i had to pay 75.00 they sent new phone but it fits out in middle of doing something like this message an locks I have to unlock again. Also less than 6 miles from att tower which they use an only get the 1st little bar this being 3rd phone an i had pay 75.00 for them to send it Verizon when s10 new an had problems never had pay before theyed send out phone an all my cricket LG phones were less than few months old anyone have clue as to why onky get 1st bar an I pay 55 month plus 8 or 9 for protection? An im always connected to home wifi but still uses data any idea why? They also told me 6 months to unlock phone but now they say you have to have device for 6 Months now before it was service for 6 months anyone clarify that. Paid in full cash plus 150 for new replacements phones while they said mine were under warrenty an had no scratches always in case with screen protection.

2 replies

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@Dwaynesweatman Your phone has to be active on the network for 6 months to be unlocked. As for your service issues I would message them on Facebook. They are always responsive there. 


Due to LG no longer making phones all LG phones have started having those issues. I am currently using the LG K92 and within a week of purchasing the phone I started having signal issues. I have to connect to wifi inside stores or use hotspot from another device in order for my phone to work. The 5G network that I pay for barely works due to the fact that 5G towers have not been put in my area or surrounding area. 

Your best bet is to go with a different Manufacturer. All LG phones that were bought in the last 6 months or that are currently still being sold Deserve a refund. 

Hope this helps