Cricket manager stole my phone

  • 20 March 2021
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Hi I would like to know how or where can I complaint about cricket Wireless manager that stole my phone. I already call to customer service two times it's been more then 4 months without getting answers. They just said or we have the name on the manager  but they don't nothing to help me. I have more than 10 years been a cricket Wireless Customer I'm really disappointed with cricket Wireless. How you supposed to trust a company when their own manager stole your phone.


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Hello @Madcustomer! We are sorry to hear about your recent experience. Our team would like to investigate this matter and get more information. Please reach out to our support team on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) for further assistance.

Hi @James_Cricket i just finish chatting with a cricket support agent on facebook messenger. I explain him that on January 04 ,2021  i went to this cricket store 11718 Wilmington Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90059(562) 862-1200 to buy a new cell phone which i did. Long story short ,one of the employees of cricket wireless ask if he can see my cellphone and i say yes here you go. I notice him how he keeps watching my phone and the end i bought a new phone before leaving i ask this employee ,hey give me back my phone and he says oh don”t worry i put your old phone inside the shopping bag from the new phone. I trust this guy but when i was in my house looking for my phone inside the bag i never found my phone. I call the store but when i ask for  my phone they hang up on me. i went back to the store until the 3 day because i did’nt have time the next day due to my job , I’m a truck driver and i was out of town in those days. when i finally went to pick up my phone the employee told hey we have your phione you forgot ,yes the phone that keep and lie to me … So he started looking for my phone and suddenly theres comes the store manager saying oh we dont have your phone i trowed to the thash can.  And he was very rude he is an asshole. Its not fair what he did to my personal cell phone. I know that he never trowed  away my phone because i track my device and appears with a different name suddenly it dissapers from google find my device app. And to my surprise the agent that i chat with he simply told me oh we saw the video and you left your inside the store and they have to clean the store and thats why they get rid of your device. How stupid is that ,thats how you help customer? Im taking this case with my lawyers this is not fair how easy they stole my phone and know they come up with this ridiculous explanations. That Not Legal