Cricket Ovation is a waste of money

  • 6 April 2021
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I had the Nokia C1 last year and I disliked it, so not even 3 weeks ago I "upgraded" to the Cricket Ovation, and I effing HATE it! The battery will not charge. It might go up 2-3% after being on charge for an hour, but I'll look again 10 minutes later-- still on charge-- and it's dropped at least 10%!!! It was finally up to 80% about 12 hours ago... It's currently in 57%, and yet again it's been in charge this whole time! 

And let's talk about how it starts lagging then freezes up completely! Most of my memory is still free. I don't run apps in the background. There is no reason for it to do this every time I turn around! If runs redonkulously slow. 

I find it funny that it has 4 stars on the website, but everytime I tried to leave a review, the page suddenly disappeared. Wtf is that about?!

The only good thing about this phone is the screen size. 

1 reply

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That sucks. I don’t know if you like iOS but I never had an issue with any iPhone in terms of speed and general use. Most of the low-cost android phones are prob gonna have issues in terms of how well it can run things, as they probably cut corners to sell it for that low price.