Cricket Splendor not receiving texts from one person


Recently I had to buy another phone.  I used the sim card from my old phone, and it worked great for like a week or two.  Now I don’t receive text messages from one person who is also on the same line as me.  I can receive phone calls from her and group texts, but not one on one texts.  I tried restarting my phone, doing a factory reset, removed the sim card and replaced it, cleared the SMS cache, deleting the contact and adding it again, but nothing works.  I also checked to see if her number was blocked and it wasn’t. Any other suggestions that I haven’t tried?


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Hi @mialt420 !


Thanks for reaching out to us on the Cricket (Community) Forum! We’d be happy to review your account to see what’s going on. :)

In order to assist you further, we'll need to continue this chat via private message. Please send us a private message to our @CricketSupport account with the name on your account, your wireless number, and the details of your issue. This information will help guide us towards a quicker resolution.


We are having the same issue. Android phone not receiving texts from one person but does when that person sends group text.