cricket wont give unlock codes

  • 28 September 2022
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Over 2 weeks ago I went to Cricket app to get unlock codes.never got them. Last week got a case opened, said it would be 3-5 business days. So checked today and was told it will be another 3-5 business days. We don't have phone service now as our cricket expired and we had paid for another carrier, but can't use their sim cards. We meet all criteria and have been paying customers for 10 yrs. What is the law we were to get our codes within 2 business days





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5 replies

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Hello @docdumal! We're sorry to hear this. We recommend reaching out to @CricketSupport with details of the issue.

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Thank you. I have sent them a detailed msg. It really should not take 2 weeks plus to get an unlock code. We are without phone service and have paid for service with another carrier which we can't use. Furthermore at this point Cricket has no logical way to resolve my dilemma (i.e. turning our phones back on or sending us unlocked replacement phones) due to their  ineptness.

I'm not a happy former customer!


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This issue has not been solved. You have directed me to customer support but my phones are still not unlocked. It's been 3 weeks since I initially requested the unlock codes for my phones!

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Once again this issue has not been resolved. It's been 3 weeks and I still do not have my codes.

According to the FCC website device lockout codes  should be given  to customers who meet the company's lockout standards within 2 business days.

Cricket does not care about their customers as I was a customer for a decade. 

Cricket could resolve the issue by sending me 2 unlocked Alcatel phones similar to what I bought from them 2 yrs ago. I could then use my new carriers SIM card and have phone service. 

All Cricket customers need to be aware of this issue!

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Today, 10/4/22, I clicked on device unlock and lo and behold it unlocked our phones! 

Interesting Cricket's customer service didn't bother to message me about the problem being fixed.

Cricket employees need remedial communication training and device unlock skills. 3 weeks to unlock our phones was absurd.

Now the problem is solved!