Cricketwireless system messes up and they refused to honor their posted policies

  • 29 April 2020
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I've had cricket for maybe 9 months now. About 6 months ago I got that 4 lines for 100 deal. I got 3 new cert refurb phones for 30 plus the plan. Everything was ok except that my place get awful cricket service in my room and over my buds place same thing. So six months later I no longer have 2 lines( just 2 remaining me and my son's) and without the good deal now it no longer makes sense to stay with cricket. 80 a month with awful service. So now I'm waiting for the phones to be unlocked on the website it tells you how many days you have remaining. Then something weird happened my son's phone instead of being listed as the phone that it was was listed as a BYOD device which is not the case I bought three phones at the same time all from Eventually my phone became a unlockable and it happened without a hitch then my girlfriend's became unlockable but hers got stolen and then my son's was supposed to become unlockable but it was listed as a BYOD device. this being said cricket wireless refused to ultimately honor their unlocking policy because even though they acknowledged that I bought it from they were unable to unlock the phone and that was it that was the final decision ultimately. It seems that everything I do that they asked me to do I do and everything they do is to waste my time and to not honor they're written policies or at least acknowledge that they're not honoring them by screwing me out of what I feel is my right after 6 months a good standing patronage my son can have his unlocked phone. I used to tell people to switch to cricket cuz I thought it was pretty good price and they don't really slow down because they already offer you so much slower connection anyway but now I see the full of fecal matter and dealing with them is only going to give you the biggest headache you've ever had in your entire life and make you feel like you're in the twilight zone and at this point I'm over it and I'm never going to deal with this stupid company ever again it's ridiculous they should be ashamed of themselves.

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Hi @Noahthegiant, and thank you for posting on the Community Forum. We'd be happy to look into this matter for you. Please contact our Support Team on Twitter @cricketsupport or on Facebook at for assistance. 

I dont really use Twitter and I haven't been on Facebook for years.
Well no shocker there I tried to get in touch on Facebook and nothing not even a response so how is this problem solved exactly?! This website is a sham.

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