Current Status of Pixel Compatibility with Cricket

  • 24 October 2022
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Can someone from Cricket please provide a clear indication of what the current status of Pixel phone compatibility is on the Cricket Network?

I have reviewed the BYOD list and it indicates that recent Pixels are compatible with hotspot and wi-fi calling. However, my Pixel 5a (G1F8F) does not seem to be able to use hotspot functionality.

Is it an error with the BYOD list or is the updated compatibility in the process of being rolled out?



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3 replies

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Hi @Valez and welcome to the Community Forum! Your device is compatible with the Mobile Hotspot feature on our network. Please verify that your device software is up to date. Also, if you’re using an older SIM card, a simple SIM swap may resolve your issue. 

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Thanks Marlena, 

The sim card is not an issue. I can use it in another phone and hotspot works.

Software is up to date as of today and the issue persists.

I am discussing this with Cricket customer care at the moment after reaching out to them at twitter.

I will follow up with an update once the issue has been resolved, or not.

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Sounds good, @Valez. Please keep us posted.👍🏽