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  • 14 May 2019
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Cricket Wireless / Management Service and their at time of policy

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I made a purchase of the cell phone and switched my service on Monday May 06, 2019@ 5:10 p.m. CST. On Saturday May 11, 2019 I plugged in the headphones and it will not connect to hear anything. So on Sunday being Mother's Day I didn't got to the store location to switch the phone I preferred to spend that time with my mother. Knowing that I have 7 days to switch it, I called the store when I got off work on Monday May 13, 2019 @5:00 p.m. I was then told by the rep/store manager Amber S that sold me the phone that I had 7 days. Because I made my purchase at 5:10 and it is 5:23 I am over my 7 days time frame. So then I called the 611 as she stated I will have to do because her manager stated they will not switch the phone out because I am after the 7 day. That is the most dumbest I have ever heard of that if it is at the time on the receipt it is then 7 days. Calling the 611 I spoke with Carla, Chris, and Justin all of no help to get the phone issues resolved. I was told by Amber S the store manager that they will send me another phone and I will not be without which was a lie. I then asked her about the liquid glass protector that I purchased and asked will I be given another one and she then told me that I wold have to purchase another one at the full price.Customer care service department told me I will have to take it the UPS store they will look at and then I will get the like new one in 2 days. I was also told that I can go buy a new at the full price and then send back this phone and they will give me the value of it on a returned used phone. So that is telling me from the start that it is all Bullcrap. If I would have know that I was going to go through all of this to save 20.00 a month I would have stayed with y previous company. I would not recommend anyone to switch to cricket due to the poor service they provide, the lies, the made up rules. As I opened this site to place my complaint I noticed that there is 473 complaints and 0 are showing resolved. This is a load of unprofessional service and assistance from the store all the way up to the top of the chain. When I made the call to the customer care department they advised that the store giving the information that the 7 day is from the time of your receipt purchase is the most stupid thing that they have heard of also and that the store is not linked with them at the customer care service for they should have made it as of the end of business day. But the store manager stated that it is from the time of purchase. I will be going back to my old provider due to the lack of professionalism and their own made up rules. All I wanted was a phone that will work as t should. I am safe driver and with this defect in the phone it prevents me from that. I will be sending a letter to corporate about this issue and the store locations being able to make up their own rules. Which are rules that are in placed for the gain of the business and not the satisfaction of the customers.

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Cricket Customer service is horrible.Basically, they take your payment and that’s it. Dont care about retention. They have gotten so ugly. ATT and Tmobile are the companies to be a part of. It may be more expensive but it’s worth it. They care, I couldnt believe that a rep called me back to ensure my issue was resolved!! I was so impressed. Pay a deposit and go to Tmobile or ATT