Customer service sucks

  • 27 September 2018
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No resolution.. spoke to
5 people and explained about 10x my issue! One of which was a “manager Javiere” worst provided the worst CS amongst all rep. I changed my mind about receiving my untimely delivery of phone, long story short. Never activated phone, i refused phone before it arrived! CS “La” lied that i would be refunded . All i wanted was refund to my account for total charges and cricket to take back their crappy phone that i have had less than 24hrs.

5 replies

I completely agree with you on this. Cricket's Customer service has never been any help to me. Always i am let down by them. Wish they could fix that as soon as possible otherwise they are gonna lose more customer.





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I am Absolutely in agreement with you all on this matter. It begins with customer service. If you can’t get them to assist you in a time,y or rightful manner, your entire call could be handled improperly. Today I had the most WORST experience with this company. I’m sick of them. Either get professional that know how to communicate with people or go out of network. Leave it up to Verizon. I NEVER experienced anything but great service with any other company I’ve been with. Cricket profoundly takes the seat at unprofessionalism. 

AVOID THIS COMPANY! Had 4 lines for $100 bucks for 4 years or so.  Suddenly I could not make or receive phone calls from desk at work.  Data still works.  Same desk for 4 years on top of building next to window.  Over 5 months made no less than 7 phone calls, 3 chats, and even wrote a letter.  Various excuses given, interference, signal not strong enough, old sim card, signal blocker, tower under maintenance, your phone is bad.  Never got a response to my letter.  Each time I called I explained to them that my phone works perfectly everywhere except my desk and has worked fine over the last 4 years. 

Finally I installed an app called Network Cell Info Lite that told me exactly what towers I was connecting and their signal strength.  Signal strength is excellent 67dbm, 5 bars at my desk when connecting to the problem tower.  Still no phone calls.  I told them the exact tower id I was having a problem with.  Nope.  Something with your phone. I walked down the stairwell 3 floors and connected to a different tower.  Successfully made phone calls. Gave them that tower number.  Nope, still with you.  Changed the SIM card last Friday, same results.  I asked for some money back, $30 for phone service that didn't work.  "Can't do that."

So, to sum up, my phone continues to work perfectly everywhere, data still works at my desk, but phone doesn't.  No refunds or credit for service.  I've been a loyal customer for years.

Buyer beware, if you have trouble you won't get your problem solved.  I'm headed to Verizon who has a prepaid plan for 4 phones with auto pay for $115.  You should too.



Sorry about that, I am not even a Cricket customer and yet they managed to steal more than $2,400.00 buck from me. I called Cricket less than 20 minutes after the stole my money and they refused to help me because they said I was not a customer. I have heard of similar complaints and was wondering how many of there customers they steal from.

How did they get your information to steal?! 😳