Damaged phone out of box in the store

  • 16 June 2019
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I bought a Motorola G7 Supra and it was scratched when the manager opened the box to show me it, she said they didn't have any more in stock,
and I couldn't exchange it for a another. She said it takes along time to order a new one and she would message me as soon as it was delivered to the store. I never received a message or a call. I went to the store last weekend and manager wasn't there. The lady working took my # and said she'd have manager call me, I went back today and the manager said she can't exchange it because it's been over 7 days. I called customer support and talked to 2 different people and the both said this wasn't my fault and they had to replace my phone but her and her manager said no. I also talked to the warranty Dept. And she said it's bad service for them not to replace my phone like the manager said she would and the manager should've never sold me a phone that was scratched to begin with. The manager said she would replace it I had to run all the way home and get the box and the receipt, then when I got back to the store I had to wait almost 2 hours for them to say she's not going to be able to replace it because her manager said no The manager and her manager refuse to replace my phone. They said it's been over 7 days, buy to begin with she said it takes along time and never mentioned 7 days. I never received a message or a call from her at all. I spent over 2 hours waiting for them to give me an answer, not including almost a half hour to go get the box and receipt.

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@bmstaggs We are sorry to hear about this! I will send a private message asking for more information regarding the stores info. Please be on the look out for the message.