Data only works in certain rooms

  • 12 August 2022
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First time Cricket customer.

Zip code 38801

Phone: Cricket Icon 3


My data only works unless I am standing in a certain room, the living room….. If I go to my bedroom Firefox *might load* the webpage, and then I might get a “page can’t be displayed message”. And then sometimes after hitting refresh 5 or 6 times, the webpage will load.


When standing in the living room, my bars will go from 3 to 2 ,to 1, to 3 ,to 1 to 2, and repeat…


Call Quality: No issues.


I live in a VERY AT&T area.. I would say 97 to 98% of the people here are on ATT…. I only live about 5 to 6 miles outside of town in the country.

Yes we have a metal roof on our house… But so do some of our other family members, I haven’t heard them complain…. but , then again I think that they’re on a AT&T contract though. Not sure…

My  “ 80 something year old grandmother “ up the hill from me ( basically next door)  who’s on ATT Contract, her phone, all you can hear is every other word or the call drops for no reason or just goes silent) but then again her phone is prob a Galaxy s7 and refuses to upgrade. ugh! Yet, she has a AT&T landline, the kind that’s a little box that sits in her kitchen and you can hear on it JUST FINE! No breaking up, NO call dropping, NO calls going silent for no reason. And again, she also has a metal roof.

I am just wondering what are my options ?  Or is there anything I can do?

I reached out to both ATT & Cricket on Twitter… ATT answered me, but basically shut me down when I told them I was a cricket customer. Cricket never replied to my tweet, which is jacked up!




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Hi @CWM030 we thank you for reaching out to Cricket Forum and sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with your service. We would be glad to take a closer look into this for you. May you Private Message @CricketSupport for further assistance.