Data says I used 1 gig of data thru the night? Hows that?

  • 31 March 2019
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First, last month I called cricket to setup auto-pay and they said it wouldn't take affect till this month. Now, yes it did take affect but they attempted to charge my account on the 26th of the month an not the 28th as was the agreement when I signed up for auto-pay. Besides that they're trying to charge my account  two days before the due date and thus change my billing date two days in advance. That's some shenanigans if I've ever had to deal with any. So, then on the 28th I received a text stating that I had used 1 gig over my allotted amount then a text stating that my cycle renewed but I had already used 1 1/2 gigs which I never did. I had used 524 mb but not the amount they claim. I had just paid my bill whats wrong with this company. Its one underhanded thing after another. Makes me want to write the FCC to have them look into the data situation here. Not just for me but everyone thats having the same issues I am. Anyone else having these kinda issues? Please Voice them here...

2 replies

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@itsmejonny Thank you for posting on our Cricket Forum. It sounds like you may have some apps running in the back end of the device and you may need to see what app is using the internet when you are not using the device. The best options is to check the settings on the device and see if it is pushing notifications from those apps. Also make sure all apps are closed every night and force stop them if you can.

I always make sure that apps are not running in the background cause I don't like the snooping around that some apps do. Especially when I'm sleeping. That's actually part of my nightly things to do. Besides brush my teeth... Lol