• 9 August 2021
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   The ovation fone  is a POS. This is the 4 attempt. To. Get this  out. Dropped calls. Apps. Crashing.    Span.  Messages. From att&t. Saying. Over billed.  Countless. Many more.  Employees. Don't care.  I was told. It's a. Virus. An to. Factory reset.  Doesn't work.every problem.  Others. Are haveing.   Are the same. Ones I have.  So it's a virus.  Gorilla. Glass. They installed.  Bubbled. An  the  POS. Glass. Cracked.  It's not. Coverd.   I am unhappy.  With this fone.  For it being 7 months old.   An. File. Not. Found. Keeps. Popping up.   To be honest  my zte. Grand ex 3. Was better.   This this.   Never had issues. With. Prior fones. I had. From cricket  before. So why. This. One.  It can't be. A virus.  Bs.  U need. Better. Employees. At this. Places   

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Hello @Disappointed! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. We are sorry to hear that you are having issues with your device. Please know that Cricket does offer a 1-year warranty on devices purchased new from Cricket. Please see the link below for details on our warranty process and how to file a claim: