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  • 20 July 2022
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I am on the 3rd Dream 5g due to issues with the phone which resulted in warranty replacement. Don't think for a moment that means the company is taking care of my phone issues.  The third phone is here, and has the same problems minus strange functioning "on its own" but then, it's early yet. The biggest problem is that the phone will not maintain a data signal. The result is that you cannot rely on the phone to connect to the internet when you need it. Further, while it does usually connect for regular surfing, playing my game (I have been unable to utilize my subscription) has, thus far, been impossible.  I don't actually know how many movies I have watched half or three quarters of because of lost connection, and many days I have tried multiple times and at various times and just been unable to watch at all. All 3 phones have greyed out data buttons, I cannot toggle data off to save battery or any other reason. The store employees all have tried to no avail to figure out why, how to fix, no one knows the solutions,and they put in some time trying, to their credit. I am told each time that the phone needs to go back, it's defective. But ...3 phones??? Where does my experience start to matter to Cricket? No one seems to care about the hours upon hours I have spent on hold/with one customer service representative or the other, or that these hours are in addition to the hours I spend unable to use my phone normally,or that they come additional to the trips to town to get help from the store, and to the days I have spent literally without a phone waiting for a replacement for a defective phone to arrive. All without any reimbursement or credit on my bill. And I did ask for credit.  I'd have to write twice as much to relay the absurdity that Cricket customer service is when you have a problem that isn't "scripted in" to their training. But it would include many times of being hung up on, not called back, being lied to, having inaccurate things being typed into my account that are read by future service reps who then misinterpret my phone and service problems.  The problems in the customer service department are baked in. The system itself, including the actual software needs overhauling. To conclude, I am once again in the same place I was months ago when the first Dream 5g (Nightmare 5g) arrived, but my patience is completely gone, my stress is off the charts, this is affecting my day to day ability to function. Just thinking about calling customer service has brought tears to my eyes, quite literally. Cricket wireless has refused to give me a different phone, I asked for a different brand instead of this last dream 5 g, and in no "iffy kind of sort of way" my quality of life has been lowered significantly through having to endure this yet again. 


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Hi there! We're sorry to hear of your experience with Cricket Wireless. If you still need assistance, we are here to help. Feel free to send us a PM @CricketSupport with your wireless number, name on the account and how we can improve your experience.


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