• 9 April 2022
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I posted the other day about my girlfriends dream 5G which she has had for close to 2 months that has worked amazingly well, until the other day. Cricket came on here and marked the issue as resolved which it has not been resolved. We have PAID OUT MY POCKET for a new sim card when we were told that was the solution that we needed to do, Why I had to pay 10 bucks and some change for that, is beyond me. The problem we are having is the data connection will drop out every 5 mins or so and will not come back on unless you either turn the phone on and off, reset network settings, or airplane mode on and off and every time it comes back, the best we have got is 15 mins out of it. I have called the overseas tech support they use and have to go through the same damn troubleshooting steps every damn time only for them to think they got it fixed when it is still acting up soon as the call is over, I was told to submit a warranty claim on it which I followed the link in my last post and when I enter the phone number and IEMI it says its a invalid combination. I have spent close to 3 hours on the phone with cricket trying to figure it out and I have not had the time to sit around and go through basic troubleshooting when it is clearly not that.  


The last tech supposedly made a case for it and they tried to call MY phone and not the other number we listed and since I work nights, I missed both calls and now I have a text saying case is closed and for further assistance to call back, I do not have the time to keep staying on hold for hours trying to get this resolved not to mention that I have paid for solutions that they wanted us to try on their faulty equipment!! the only reason she has a working phone at the moment is we have took my old S10+ from when I was on ATT and switched to Cricket put the card in and have no issues. I know since we technically have service a service credit is probably shot but I Shure as hell would like to be reimbursed the 10.98 I was charged for a sim card.


I read horror stories on here about the customer service and feel my luck with cricket has run out, Up until now, I was actually recommending cricket to other people, now I feel stupid for even suggesting that to be honest as I now see how dealing with this company if you have a problem is. Its clear that we have a lemon phone now and we would like to get something else if at all possible in place of it and I feel that I should get some kind of credit for the issues we are having, not holding my breath on either one


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Hey @Johnmc318, we’re sorry to hear your girlfriend is still experiencing issues with her Cricket Dream 5G. It does sound like it may be a device issue since a SIM swap didn’t resolve the issues she’s experiencing. Good news is, her Cricket Dream 5G is covered under our Cricket 2 Year Worry-Free Warranty. If her device is faulty under normal conditions of use and maintenance, in order to benefit from the present warranty, please contact the Returns Center at 1-800-CRICKET (274-2538) for assistance. The customer support center will then provide you with instructions on how to return the device for support under warranty. We’d be happy to apply a courtesy credit to your account for the cost of the SIM card kit. Please send me a PM & include the name on your account and your wireless number.

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I appreciate the credit and will be sending that message, now I might add, we found a Samsung phone in Walmart the other day and bought it and it is working beautifully, I understand that the warranty won't cover that replacement but the issue I'm having now is my other 2 lines are now experiencing issues with little to no data coverage (meanwhile her new phone is trucking right along) this must be a network issue in some way along with a phone issue for her, it didn't start acting like this till I spent that hour on the phone and the tech said that he was doing something on crickets end, something must be been changed..


I'm using my old s10 plus to see if it works any better than my A52 5g does…


Will post an update

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It's the phone. There is a major issue with the Cricket dream 5g. Mine does the same thing and I've already got a replacement under warranty and the new one is doing the same thing. Total junk


Right, I thought maybe it's me and not the phone but apparently it's the phone. I can't send text messages from the actual phone app. I have to use a third party app just to send a text and if course I have to watch ads to send those texts. Why am I paying a monthly fee for unlimited text and still have to watch ads. While cricket still sells this crap phone as being as good Motorolas and other phones. When clearly it's not even close. They also advertise the best and most coverage in my area. I can't use it half the time. I didn't have that issue with metro by t mobile. I only switched cause they offer free activation for customers yet when your phone breaks they always send a code to the broken phone making it to where you can't activate without that code means they get to charge me almost 30 to switch to an old phone. So I went to cricket after the third time. What a mistake I should've just paid them 30 to activate my old phone. I paid over 100 to have this phone no service at my house I haven't recurved hardly any of the text my friends send. I could probably get better service using 2 cans and a string. If you can't provide it don't advertise it. 


I have nothing but good things to say about Cricket, all the way up to this Dream5 refurbished cricket phone. WTF piece of shit. Nothing but issues since the 1st month. Call in, wait on hold 10 to 20 mins to get the same action. Then I get "well your under warranty still" so send my phone in, and they will send another refurbished phone. I can't give up my phone for even an hour. My parents need help through our the day, so when they call I go and take care of issue(s). So instead I have to give $110.00 deposit and they will send a phone out. Look I'm not hurting for cash, but I have been with Cricket for 18 years and never missed a payment, have the same account. Yet you treat me like I want to keep a broke ass phone and steal it. Well know, the ring tones work when they want, the fingerprint work sometimes most of the time it says to many times. I never drop my phone's or damage them. Even while texting this complaint ad's keep popping up.

I'm done waiting on hold and getting someone I can't understand. If we have to press 1 for english, then we should get someone that speaks english and not murder the language!!! Thank you but no thank you Cricket.