dream 5g seems really glitchy, sometimes

  • 13 June 2022
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I got the free Dream 5G yesterday.  It's fast, looks sharp, but after using it for a day I've noticed it will randomly restart itself.  I cannot figure it out.  I have downloaded all kinds of memory and system stability testing programs to try and find corrupt ram.  But they all check out. 


Is Android system WebView the culprit again??  It will be fine for hours and hours.  Then I'll be laying down and hear it just randomly restart and check the system uptime, sure enough...yeah crashed. 


It has the latest update.  I don't wanna return the phone, but I'm about to because it's displaying symptoms of corrupt ram or graphics corruption.  I'm starting to see why they're giving them away for free.  I reset the phone to see if I could make it stable with just 1 Google account.  Or maybe the transfer from the previous device didn't go smooth.  So I reset it.


 *The only clue I have  is some kind of omapc message after the reboot."


It's a nice phone, but if it doesn't sort it out or someone can give me an explanation, it's gotta go, I'm not dealing with that.  I've had 35 dollar cheapo boost phones that were stable as a rock.  Garbage parts bin computers that could be ran for years straight without fault.  So there's really no excuse for shoddy parts in today's phones.


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Hi @Walrus667531! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. We are sorry to hear about your recent issues with the Cricket Dream 5G. Please know that Cricket does offer a 2-year warranty on the Cricket Dream 5G and other Cricket devices. To get more information on our warranty process and how to file a claim online, be sure to click on the link below:

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The store replaced the phone.  Inside 7 days.  This one has not rebooted on me.  Nor did the 2nd one we bought for my gf.  So we will see if these other 2 behave the same.  I still believe it was bad RAM.  If these do it, then it's a whole batch of bad RAM dream 5Gs here in KC, MO.

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Yeah this new one does it too.  Twice within 1 minute of each other.  Highly disappointed.  These phones are not stable and should not have been sold to customers.  


You better expedite some kind of patch or update for this phone.  YouTube and android system WebView used at the same time can easily crash this phone.  I can almost duplicate it now.  And I know it's not those apps because my last phone didn't mind these apps.


So you want me to warranty a repair on my two Dreams 5Gs when it's a problem with every single one like I suspected?


This is a shame.  I'm so disappointed.

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Guess I should have just returned this stupid phone while I had the chance.  Now I'm out of town and to get this resolved will have to go back not having a phone.  Awesome.