Dream 5g Warranty Issue

  • 17 October 2022
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After almost 3 months of being unable to use phone indoors, no signal, I requested new phone under the 2 year warranty included with the phone. I purchased 2 of these phones at the same time and both have connection issues.  i cannot send the 2nd phone in until the 1st phone issue is resolved, so continue to go outdoors to use phone. I received the replacement next day via UPS.  Within a day I began having problems, would shut down and restart, would freeze and I would turn airplane mode on/off.  But then it shut down with message the data may be corrupted and if a factory reset is done my data may be lost.  Called for warranty service again, I had it only a week, learned they sent a remanufactured phone, i.e.., a phone that had already been replaced due to issues, but I was assured it had been repaired and tested. Not!  I again sent this phone back and am awaiting my next remanufactured phone.  I have no reason to think this is going to go well.  I feel I should be provided a NEW phone, as under warranty.  I inquired if it could be replaced with a Samsung but advised it would only be at full price.  As good as my service at cricket has been for 15+ years I fear I’m going to be forced to leave them.


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I may go with you when you leave. Similar story of crappy devices, although not re-furbished.   The decvice selection was drastically reduced when they went to the 5G that does not work in any area I am in. I may be in the wrong, but their device compatability seems to focus on Apple products, and I dont want to go that route. Ever. Since the "upgrade", things have gone down hill. I hope you get a resolution soon. 

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Yes, we had no problems with either the samsung or cricket brand phones we previously used, just thought we ought to upgrade to the latest 5g, problems since.

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Hi @lpierard we’re sorry to hear that you’re now experiencing issues with your Cricket Dream replacement device. Let’s connect in a private message. Please send us a message @CricketSupport and include the name on your account, your wireless number, and your RA#. We’re here to help!🤗

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Hi @Susan and welcome to the Community Forum! We’d be happy to assist you with any device or service issues you’re experiencing. Feel free to comment here or send us a private message to @CricketSupport. We’re here to help!

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my cricket dream will not connect to any wifi network. now it needs software update.

I had no issues with my Samsung note phone before.