Dream 5g will not stay connected to internet.

  • 16 April 2022
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So when Cricket made the older phones not work with their 5g, My Galaxy S8+ was no longer supported and I was forced to get a new phone. I had no choice but to take whatever phone was free because I had to have a phone for my job or I couldn't work. I picked the the Dream 5G. Because of its size. It worked flawless for 2 months then it began dropping the data connection. Every tower change it would not connect back to the data. It wouldn't drop a phone call but would never connect back to the data unless I switched data off and back on. It did this every time it changed towers and in the city that's every seconds.  This went on for 2 weeks and I called customer service everyday trying to get this fixed. The local cricket store is absolutely useless with and phone issues.


I filed a warranty claim, had to send in my Cricket dream 5g. Luckily I was able to borrow a LG phone from a friend and it worked great for the 2 days I had my sim card in it. Got my replacement Cricket Dream 5g today, set it all up and now it's doing the same thing the other Dream 5g was. The LG did not do this, my wife's s20 does not do this, my son's LG does not do this. The only phone with issues is the Cricket dream 5g. Im very upset that I was forced into a subpar phone. 


I'm literally on the verge of going back to at&t so I can get a better quality phone.


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2 replies

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Hello @tcaza and welcome to our Cricket Community Forum! We are sorry to hear about your recent issues with your Cricket Dream 5G. We are happy to review the details of your issue further to see what options are available. For further assistance, be sure to reach out to our Support team on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport). 

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my cricket dream will not connect to any wifi network. now it needs software update.