Earbud Play at Low Level

  • 5 January 2023
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The new earbuds sounded good connected to my 5G. A short time later the volume decreased a lot. My media volume had not changed. Other earbuds work fine, and my new earbuds work fine on another fine. I can not find a setting to control Bluetooth volume. I noticed the phone is Bluetooth 5.1, the earbuds are 5.3. Should they be compatible? Any other advice or help with this is appreciated.  


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@Kenzter Make sure the volume is up both on your ear buds and the phone. You can also try switching to another app that uses sound and try to turn it up there (ie. switch to Youtube or navigation and turn up the volume). Other troubleshooting would be to unpair and repair, try other headphones on your phone to see if you have the same issue, and lastly backing up and resetting your phone.