Email problems

  • 4 November 2019
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I just got my new cricket wireless phone, LG Stylo 3, 2 days ago and am having all kinds of problems. This post will just be about email. 

I tried setting up my email account and it went through but most of the time I can't send anything out and only a few emails come in. 

So I created a yahoo account just for trying on the LG Stylo 3 and I can log in fine with both my computers and my iPad but when trying to set it up on the LG Stylo 3, it kept telling me my sign in information was incorrect. I tried a good 10 times and each time the information was correct. I had copied and pasted the information and printed it out. 

Am I having major software problems? Is anyone else having problems creating email accounts? I can't move my apps around either or create folders. Please advise. Thank you, Martha


2 replies

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Which email app are you using? I think with Yahoo you have to do something on their site to get a special password to enter into your email app when setting it up, instead of using your actual Yahoo email password. I use bluemail on my Stylo 4 and that's how it needed to be set up.

MR-X, I don't know but it has an @ on the icon and it came with the phone. I never heard of blue mail. What you said may be the problem. Today my email server came over to the house to help me get my private email on my phone and he was able to do that so I don't need the yahoo account on there now. I just needed one that would work. 

Thanks, Martha