Factory Unlocked Moto Edge+ (2022) no 5G Why

  • 17 March 2023
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Trying to understand why AT&T/Cricket locked 5G for this phone literally just got the phone today factory unlocked not carrier unlocked that has 5G. Verizon And Tmobile and there little brother companies have 5G availability for this phone, why not AT&T/Cricket


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2 replies


What about XT2205-1? 

It's just hard for me to believe that in 2022/2023 that a 5G capable phone is technically incapable of receiving a 5G signal on this network. It's more about AT&T/Cricket and Motorola coming together to make 5G work on the devices.

All companies involved need to do what's best for the customer. 

In my situation, what kills me is that I bought a higher end Samsung device from Cricket that decided to die after 15 months. People want more midrange and higher end devices from more than just Apple and Samsung. It's not like Moto/Lenovo doesn't have a credible presence in the U.S. market. Come on, guys, get it together.

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Hey @Mcarpenter0914 

Thanks for posting. Unfortunately, not all BYOD devices are compatible with 5G on our network due to software differences. If the model number of your Motorola Edge is XT2201-3, then this device is compatible with HD Voice (VoLTE) and mobile hotspot.

BYOD Compatibility