Falsely Presented Phone Software

  • 14 December 2021
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To whom it may concern I am going to address a serious issue with the lies in which your company is doing. And Furthermore I do accept you too address this issue, as I am a cricket customer and have been for several years now and Furthermore I am more than upset by the blantly scamming people in general saying that the phone is a 28.8 megapixel camera! Sorry to say that when you add each individual camera and you divide its software into four cameras at 7.2 megapixels you don't have a camera that produces 28.8 megapixels you actually have a camera that is just as bad as if you were to have purchased a regular phone with one camera such as a 3G smartphone seriously lying to your consumers about their software in there useless phone that is complete junk is seriously wrong infact it's illegal to do anything like that! I hope you should know that I am a federal judge in the state of California and I would love to speak to someone about this situation I'm going through I have a Moto g power 2021 model and my phone is supposed to stay charged for three days and we'll its never last that long at all I'm lucky to go one full day and not have to charge my phone! The amount of money I had to pay for someone to lie to me about everything I was receiving that day is called trickery law and Furthermore you're a corporation that I would hope would stand by their product but instead in this situation I don't think you did. Furthermore I spent a lot of money on my phone and I have had nothing but one big headache and I would love someone from corporate cricket to contact me in regards to my phone and for the more replace it. Or I swear to you I will file a complaint with Federal trade and furthermore I will see to it that you have to be more honest with individuals you take a clear photo yes does it have 28.8 megapixels not even close it is if I had a iPhone 3 taking pictures and I'm pretty sure it would probably take more pictures clearer and taking more efficient than this phone heaven forbid it be night time trying to take a picture with the lights off and guess what your pictures no more clear then if I was to have the light on. And night vision what a crock of shit night vision is nothing but a horrible picture altogether pixelated blurry junk. So I am about to file a report for tech and media involved with your company and Furthermore I would like to inform you I'm a federal judge as well as my wife is a federal attorney and Furthermore works with the attorney general's office in California and if you don't fix my situation and soon I swear to you with everything holy in me I will leave to a different company who is going to stand by everything they say. Such as OnePlus phones or Google pixel phones or something like a windows phone because I am so upset I have had my phone for a few months now maybe 5-6 months. And I have already had to hard reset my phone because my phone wouldn't turn off or turn on it just stayed in the Motorola mode for hours in fact that I can't remove the battery big flaw had my phone done that before I would have removed the battery and that's how it normally resets it but having it going hard reset it it forced me to lose everything. If I didn't email my wife My dying father's last message to me if I couldn't get that back because by hard retting it erased my stuff on my memory card. I did pull my memory card thinking maybe that would happen but when I put it back in the phone after I got it to turn back on it earsed that data as well. This was my second father who I have lost and had to bury and I promise you I would have probably lost my job by my actions and I promise you it wouldn't have fixed it but I would have felt better doing it and because that point in my life had to happen I now know why people are taking from high end retail chains and Furthermore I don't blame them. But we're they are messing up is when they cross that line and attack civilians and Furthermore steal from each other by pulling guns in the streets taking people's dogs those are the people that should be shot and killed by the police seriously cause I would have shot them. But they want to take from business go ahead stupid cause cops are afraid of back lash by the weak people of society who victimiz theirselves into being one big idiot seriously people fix the shit you have created people to feel like there less than human and Furthermore lets all take a step forward and see just how far from society all of us are. Cause you think me complaining about my phone is funny or wrong then that's just it the devil has one and you are truly a coward in life cause you can't stand up and say that I have a good reason to be upset and this is how you are going to fix my problem and solve my issue with getting me a better phone will fix the solution thank you. 

2 replies

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I honestly have no clue but since your complaints are about the moto g wouldn't it be Motorola that you needed to speak to?? Not cricket??? Sorry if I am mistaken!

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What district are you a federal judge for in California?