family betrayel plan

  • 4 July 2021
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I'm added on my mother's account for 3 years my life has fell apart .My wife seem to be hacking my phone .My whole family accused her .Well we divorced got back together and now I realize my family has been behind it all the time.I geuss I'm that disliked .That aside my mom's the account holder for 5 phones two are hopspots she gets phones comprised illegaly to just hotspots and I know for sure .My whole family now the whole community know everything on my phone it's illegal emotional phycological abuse who could I get real proof threw cricket about the wrong doing and pay them back in jail.


6 replies

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Hello, we are sorry to hear about this situation.  Unfortunately we do not have anything to provide you as proof.  

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What kind of proof do you need?

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It’s an awful situation… be strong

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I'm happy to see the issue is now solved. Thank you for updating us with the outcome. MyCFAVisit Survey

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Light a bag full of dog poop on your mom’s front porch. She’ll stamp it out and get poop on her shoe. That’ll teach her to spy on you.

Dude. Get new phones and hotspots on your own account and get your family, ex wife, and anyone else who abuses you completely, and I mean completely, out of your life. Move if you have to. I know it’s hard but forget them and move on. THEY  are abusing YOU. If you choose to continue to interact with these people, you are choosing the abuse. Take care of yourself.