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  • 31 March 2020
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I have been dealing with a frustrating nightmare for the past 2 weeks and no one at Cricket seems to care about losing a long-time customer.  I just bought a brand new phone through Cricket which has been defective and because its past 7 days the only options is for me to send it to the manufacturer, be days without a phone, only to be sent a used phone.  I just purchased this phone and within 2 weeks of owning it it stopped working properly.  It has been ridiculous to get through to anyone because of the COVID outbreak which has delayed me getting in touch with anyone from customer service, and because of that, me as the customer is getting penalized.  I did not spend money on a brand new phone just to be sent a used phone.  I will absolutely be switching providers as soon as possible, since no one at customer service seems to be able to help or even care about my situation.  They have offered me absolutely no alternative or even apologized for any inconvenience.

10 replies

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We never want to lose a customer if we can help it. As you can guess, we are experiencing a higher than normal call load and we are working overtime to help our customers. Unfortunately that can sometimes result in longer wait times. We have multiple ways to troubleshoot a device depending on the issue. You can go to the support page on CricketWireless.com or search for a solution on the forum. Along with calling the customer service number, you can get in touch with a customer service representative on Twitter @cricketsupport or on Facebook at m.me/cricketwireless.

We're truly sorry to hear you're experiencing issues with your new device.Most Cricket devices carry a one-year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase. To make a warranty claim visit https://warranty.cricketwireless.com and follow the prompts on the site, or contact the Returns Center at 1-800-CRICKET (274-2538) for assistance. The support center will troubleshoot the device malfunction over the phone and provide instructions for the warranty return, if applicable.

Thank you for being a part of the #CricketNation.

I couldn't agree more..i regret going with them..in Chattanooga tn..loved them
McMinnville is a huge joke...horrible my phone is less than 30 days old and im getting no assistance even thought there is a 1 year mfgrs warranty and i bought the protection plan...worst service ever
I couldn't agree more..i regret going with them..in Chattanooga tn..loved them
McMinnville is a huge joke...horrible my phone is less than 30 days old and im getting no assistance even thought there is a 1 year mfgrs warranty and i bought the protection plan...worst service ever

@MyGroundBiz wrote:
I couldn't agree more..i regret going with them..in Chattanooga tn..loved them
McMinnville is a huge joke...horrible my phone is less than 30 days old and im getting no assistance even thought there is a 1 year mfgrs warranty and i bought the protection plan...worst service ever

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My store here in Rutland Vermont is run by total incompetent people. Know nothing about phones. But they sure know how to try to upsell

Cricket doubled my rate 2 months after I bought their phone.  I have been trying to unlock my phone by chat and phone calls for the last 3 months.  The website says eligible for unlock in 23 days and never changes.  I get endless runaround from chat and phone calls.  I am forced to go and speak to someone in person in this pandemic and hope they will help.

Try dealing with them for 6 months. I am currently filing a complaint with the public Utilities Commission. They sold me a phone that immediately had charging issues within 3 months. I have contacted the store numerous times. Have provided every fix to this phone that is listed online. Phone white screens and won't turn on. All the websites say it is Aisian bloatware and poor connective issues within the phone.The store is too far for me to get to. So customer service tells me to buy an amazon phone. I buy an amazon phone everything works for a month. Go to the Cricket website and the hot spot quits. Contact customer service they don't provide hot spot to non cricket phones. Except they did for a month and told me to get the non Cricket phone. That I paid 200.00 for. So I try to get the 0 priced stylo. No that is only if I bring my number loyal customers that get suckered into buying lemons pay 160.00. So I get stuck borrowing a phone to use service I paid for. Then someone who cant get service on their number gives me a phone number so I can get the discount and give back the borrowed phone. Nope they want to sell me a much smaller less equiped phone. Nice phones are not for ongoing customers. Months and months. Asking my friend to let me keep their phone for just one more month. Now the once free phone is 90.00 and my friend is furious that I wont just buy a phone. I try to do that and add a line so I can afford it. I have to go with the upgrade of the same phone i have cause its all I can afford. The upgrade has a 2 star rating and has the exact problems as my phone. The manufacturer refuses to fix them and Cricket doesn't care. Guess there is a sucker like me born every second. No they want to once again sell me the downgraded less equiped phone. So I borrow money to buy the phone I want. 1 more hoop for my fickle unapprecitave carrier that absolutly refuses to help at all. Now they wont accept my address and want me to go to the store. Where the phone is even more expensive. I don't have a car. I get a ride out once a month. I just paid for a full month of aervice, Im adding a line which is more money, and paying for a phone that was just offered for free. So I asked repeatedly for a refund or a phone, I have not asked for a free phone I have offered to pay fir everything.   Nope!!! But apparently they have satisfactorily solved my problems. All 3 of their reps and a supervisor told me so. One even told me I was lucky to get a discount on the original phone and I should just get over it.Finally after giving up. I opened the battery on this phone. The phone is a refurbished phone. It was misrepresented as a new phone. It is quite obvius by the inspection markings in english, with grease pen pointing out the connection and the battery were operable on a Korean made phone that this phone hwd already been returned defective. Unfortunately, I am at an impass and no I was not helped. I have spent hours trying and have complied with everything they have asked. I was the one ripped off. Obviously they knew they sold refurbished phones. I have done everything asked through every call. I asked for a phone that worked. I would pay for fhis phone or a refund of service. Nope can't do that. I have had my number for over 8 years and Now i am even going to lose that. Because I believed I was buying a working phone that was new.  I didn'ask for drama. I asked to get what I paid for. just a working phone for service that ai dont even put on auto pay for a discount and i even was willing to pay for that phone. Everyone should know that you have the option to contact the public utilities commission and file a complaint. Don't just keep hopling lime ai did that the more yountry to compmy that they will finally correct their mistake. They don't. This is the first time Ive had a number for 8 years. All ive done tonight is cry. I absolutly don't have any hope anymore that this will be solved and Im done trying to fix it when I didnt cause the problem.

I’m sorry to hear about your struggle with them, and with you luck with some resolution from the Public Utilities Commission.  I may pursue that myself, I recommend a Red Pocket mobile GSMA sim card with an unlocked phone from ebay.  I’ve found Red Pocket to be low cost and their customer service responsive.  As far as Cricket is concerned, their tactics are emblematic of corporate criminals.  They are predatory and rather than providing a useful service, they trap their customers in a poor state of dependency by raising rates after low introductory promotions, refusing to unlock phones, and endless antagonism meant to retain frustrated customers wishing to to leave them.  For me the only option worthwhile is likely to cut my losses and move forward without including their service or products in my future.  It is insanely maddening to be mistreated this way and it has provoked me to further interaction and engagement.  Much like social media’s anger algorithms.  I will pay the full cost to replace my phone and physically destroy the old phone so no one else is harmed by them and no further revenue is generated for them by the phone.  They have suggested I engage with them on Twitter or Facebook and I have declined that bs.  Just more of the same endless shenanigans, and besides that.  You’d have to pay me well to mess with FB or Twitte for any reason at this point.

Good Luck

At this time I packed up and I am doing whst they say. I I have to go to their store. I don't have a car and I am diabled. It will take me 2 days because I typically can't go more than 100 feet without resting. . My friend who loaned me the phone is terrified so she let me borrow the phone to documrnt my walk. My County is atill under high risk for CoVid and is on essential travel. Im at high risk for the iillness. Doesn't matter, living off grid No phone means I have no 911 so Imat risk if I don't do it so break is over and I need to start walking again.


I ended up passing out walking and I spent the night in the hoapital. Getting ready to be released. I can get a cab home feom here but I stilm got ro go waste my tine groveling to ge my service shut off and ( never happen) a refund on the service I've paid. Good news though. The Doctor who saw me last night is a friend of the person who owns the Metro Pcs. The owner called me and they will give me any free phone of my choice and a free tablet. They are going to pay all my service on the phone and waive my fees. I only have ro pay for the data on the tablet. They said ANY PHONE THEY HAVE IN STOCK!! I really don't think any company is that kind. I'll beloeve it when Im done getting the phone. I'm not greedy I'm going to pick the same phone that I have fought Cricket to buy. Then I'll strart my 2 day walk back. Prob. back to the hospital once I paas out. Then Ill get a cab ride home.