How to block texts coming from email addresses

  • 8 February 2020
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I have the same thing happening to me. Got 2 texts from an gmail address and clicked on one and it was a porn site with a dancing girl showing her boobs. When I tried to send it the spam # it wanted the senders phone # It doesn't have a phone  # if sent thru gmail address…. Not many have my cell # and how did they get it anyhow and with no support from Cricket?

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Hi There! Cricket is serious about helping protect customers against telecommunications fraud. We suggest our customers forward the text/sms to short code 7726 or access to fill out a brief report, and our spam response provider will take appropriate action.


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I’m still experiencing this issue, I’m thinking it is just time to switch providers and hope for that sweet class action lawsuit. I called support and they literally told me that they can’t block emails from sending text messages, not to mention the group messages (where I’m not going to spend the time blocking every single number). They also had the audacity to tell me that I signed up on an illegal website and that’s why it’s happening.


I've never been able to get this resolved either and that Hiya app they trick you into downloading doesn't stop emails either 


Dont delete the messages, just block the contact. keeo the messages to enter as evidence in a lawsuit. Heres the link for the CANSpam Act : Since these are using using the email to text gateway on Cricket's (AT&T) systems, this law applies. Each violation is $43k, so the more messages you keep as proof Cricket did nothing is another $43k fine theyll have to pay. Report them to FTC and FCC



How do we go about reporting this? I can screenshot all the messages but I cannot keep them. I get at least 10 a day and numerous people being pissed off in the messages. It is only 1:41 pm and so far today I have had 6 separate spam text with over 60 replies to it. 



The last 2 months I have been getting an outrageous amount of spam text from email address’s. YOU have given me no logical way of blocking them. 

Are you planning on doing anything about this? I have been using y’all for well over 10 years and this is how you are going to do me? Telling me to download an app. that many say doesn’t work anyways, or by charging me $15 to change my number? Wow, no loyalty. 

Then come up with a in phone app to block email address’s from text messages. 


I don't think the account saying to download the app is actually from cricket. He just has cricket in his username. Their trying to get people to download the app. So a scammer trying to scam on a messages about scams.

Changing your number would do nothing, these Spammers do just that... Spam every number at once... I along with 20 of my nearest number neighbors are simultaneously receiving these spam texts because they send it to every number in a brute force email attack that no on stops. You would figure that if Gmail can have spam filters the Cell Phone companies could too if they insist on hosting texts as email links.

I'm with you on this I have a business and can not change my number not can I block unknown messages I called cricket and those where my options. I'm so pissed off and ready to tell cricket to kiss my but if they can't stop this

I totally agree this is a horrible solution. I had gone into the store first and the guy in there was totally clueless on anything related to being able to help us.  We asked him to call customer service and he did everything to avoid calling. We finally got frustrated with him and called the support line outselvesand they wanted me to either change my number or download an app that the only way to use it is to text through this app. Yeah it worked but it changed so much of our phone and the way it normally looked so we deleted it.  Would be nice to have the option to add to a block list within our phone. We are actually looking at going back to ATT where they have the functionality to block these in the phone. Terrible customer service.


Tap the message of the sender you want to block. Hit the three vertical dots in the upper right corner. Select Block contact. Hit Delete conversation in the pop-up message and confirm by selecting Block.