How to Disable Cricket Software Updates

  • 13 February 2020
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I have a 2019 Alcatel that I am trying not to loathe. I only use my phone for actual phone stuff, and to watch YouTube news programs. I also have the hotspot app so I can use my computer for actual computer stuff like research and email. I live where there is a signal (usually 3-5 bars) but NO WIFI. Which evidently is required for the automatic software updates I get. Constantly. They interrupt a news show, a text message I am in the middle of, etc. They are a constant banner on my screen when I turn it on. And I have zero access to public wifi.  How do I turn off the Automatic Cricket Software Updates????? (yes, a little frustrated here)  thanks :)


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3 replies

When you visit the settings of the device, there will be an system update option which you have to disable and put that to "don't update automatically". You might have to hard reset the device if the pop up is not stopped even after that. Please ensure that you back up the data if you go for the last resort.

thanks - I've tried to feel my way thru and now it's just crossed fingers/toes/eyes  ;)

Also, when the pop comes in between when you are watching something, it is always done through a system pre-installed app and the pop could be like "System updater is trying to update the software" or something like "Device update stopped". Please be rest assured that the problem can be sorted out once you recognize the app which is flashing the message. We can then go to the settings>>apps to disable and force stop that app. Although, I believe that this problem will be sorted out after hard reset of the device by pressing the power on and volume button. Thanks :-)