how to get my phone unlocked

  • 11 August 2022
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Not only did they suspend my phone and say it wasn't compatible (though it operates on all the right bands and uses 4gVoLTE & VoWifi), cricket has also locked my unlocked phone which now cant meet the required amount of activation to be unlocked. It's brand new and useless. I was offered a free replacement only to forced to pay for it. Then when it crapped out a month later I find out that there isn't any way for them to unlock my personal phone they locked. If that were true how then do deployed military persons get their phones unlocked before the six month period? So much for being loyal since their begining. Not even a third party repair shop can unlock it. My career has gone down the drain in the last six months because of this. I've made my report to the FCC but what good does that do me. 


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The FCC is in on the game. When you’re dealing with big multinationals like AT&T/Cricket and others, they collude with the government to screw you and I. They’ll have a big laugh over it at their next Bilderberg meeting. Try another carrier. Doesn’t seem like Cricket has done well by you. 

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Hi @Richie7424 !

Thanks for posting. If your device was purchased outside of Cricket Wireless and unlocked, then it should be unlocked. Feel free to send our @CricketSupport account a private message with the IMEI of the device, wireless number, name on the account, and where the device was purchased. Our team would be happy to review further and assist as best possible. :)