I may consider changing provider due to lack of agent empathy

  • 12 January 2022
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I have been a customer since April 2021;  but on Sunday night my worst nightmare came to fruition. I use apps like Doordash to earn a living; and Sunday night while on a delivery the app crashed.In a panic, I force stopped the app then restarted my phone. However, I was unable to remember a pattern I had created the day before to unlock my phone; due to concerns about Android devices being vulnerable to data breaches, I decided to create an additional level of security Because Cricket was unable to help me, I had to contact LG in order to do a hard reset. Again I did this out of desperation without realizing that my data would be lost. Once this was completed, I have been having problems getting back in because I forgot my Google password. I understand that this is out of Cricket’s hands, but I visited the store to see if they had a way to work around this. Unfortunately, the in-store representative was very condescending, claiming that I should have never performed a hard reset. Because right now, for all intents and purposes, I feel isolated from the rest of the world, I am unable to make a living. I cannot even use apps like Facebook or my banking apps because I am unable to receive texts and phone calls thanks to Google locking my account. Forgive me for drifting off-topic; but this is the worst experience I have had with Google as far as recovering my account.

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@JimInGrenada That really sucks. I would keep in mind that the agents in the stores don’t really work for Cricket, since the stores are run by authorized retailers, so the experience can vary from store to store (unfortunately). I wouldn’t leave a carrier based on poor service at the store, unless I’m not happy with the network or price, etc.


Hope you can get that resolved soon, it sounds like a nightmare.