IMEI Whitelist and voLTE

  • 20 December 2021
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Why is it that all the phones on the IMEI whitelist are only sold by ATT/Cricket?
Cricket/ATT are forcing people to buy their phones to use volte.
For example, I am using bv9600 pro unlocked & rooted. i can switch 4g bands to match their system and make custom apn to match making my phone fully compatible. However because my IMEI isn’t on the whitelist im blocked from the voLTE. Here is some of the phones info:

as you can see my phone is trying to use voLTE service but because of the IMEI whitelist it gets blocked from registering IMS on the service.

The real issue isn’t the phones, its Cricket/ATT forcing people to buy their phones. When in some cases isn’t the issue. My phone works with all other carrier voLTE just not Cricket/ATT because of this IMEI whitelist and is fully capable of connecting to the service otherwise.

And to prove I can change whatever is nessisary on my phone including 4g bands: here are some more screen shots:

So again, WHY is Cricket/ATT using IMEI whitelist to allow and dis-allow phones from connecting to voLTE when they are fully compatible with the service and the SIM card provides these settings to the phone to use for voLTE. Yet you use IMEI Whitelist to allow phones to use, or block phones that aren’t from using the service. It is a ploy to get users to buy your phones.

As a construction worker i need a phone that is Ruggid not slim and break easy. bv9600 pro gives that to me, and i will not switch the phone. Water-proof up to 5m, fall resistant up to 9m, shock resistant and dust resistant. NON of which ATT/Cricket provide. If this issue isn’t fixed on the IMEI whitelist I will be leaving Cricket after 6 years of service with you. Stop being DIS-Honest with your customers and tell them the Truth. Their phone is Compatible that your not allowing them on your network.

3 replies

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Hi @mikesmith2107 


To activate a device on the Cricket network, you'll need an HD Voice-capable smartphone that is compatible with the Cricket HD Voice network. This includes HD Voice-capable devices from Cricket, and select BYOD (bring your own devices). Not all 4G LTE phones brought to Cricket will work on Cricket’s HD Voice network, unfortunately. Please know that we are working to add more devices to the compatibility list every day. However, since HD Voice clients vary between the different carriers, not all variations will work on the Cricket network. Because HD Voice service would not be guaranteed to function and thus 911 calling may not be supported, the devices can no longer be supported as the 3G network is turned down in February 2022.  For more information, you can check out the following links provided:

3G Network Shutdown

BYOD Compatible


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I figured out i had to modify my androidManifest.xml in order to push the device into voLTE. simple commands that push the calling and messages to use the service, for some reason android 9 never placed the commands where they where supposed to be. Is Registered on volte and vilte, then pushed the bands to LTE only. Services where then registered on the Cricket System. As a Developer my self its simple traces, and switching settings. As the Blackview company doesn’t make phones for carriers they make global phones to use on any network. More than likely just a glitch in the js or framework. Would not work without LTE only band selection.



Yo .mike I got a Samsung s9 and cant make  calls in Oklahoma  but I can in other states