is cricket dream 5g phone really 5g phone? why I see 4G in the Settings

  • 3 September 2023
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I have a Cricket Dream 5g phone for year and half and didn’t look at the setting until now. I find three weird things:

  1. Under the setting → About Phone→ SIM status,  the ‘Mobile Voice Network Type’ is 4G (my other 5G phone shows LTE);
  2. Under the setting → About Phone→ SIM status, the “Mobile Data Network Type” is NR NSA (my other 5G phone shows 5G)
  3. Under the setting → Network & internet → Mobile network, the “Mobile data” is gray, can’t turn on/off (my other 5G phone can toggle on/off.

Does any one have the same issues? Do you know how to resolve them. I contacted the customer service, they are not able to resolve these issues and not be able to get hold anyone in the warranty department, being disconnected twice.  

3 replies

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After 4 days, I finally got hold of warranty department, they sent me a new Dream 5G phone. Unfortunately, the phone has the exact three issues: the ‘Mobile Voice Network Type’ is 4G, the “Mobile Data Network Type” is NR NSA and the “Mobile data” is grayed out. I just wonder if all Dream 5G have the same issues, or just I am the luck person who got the two phones with the same issues. 

Does anyone have the Dream 5G, do you have the same issues?




It's understandable to have questions about the Cricket Dream 5G phone and its connectivity. Here are a few points to consider:

  1. Marketing vs. Reality: Sometimes, marketing terms can be a bit ahead of the actual technology. The Cricket Dream 5G phone may indeed support 5G, but it doesn't necessarily mean you'll always see 5G in the settings.

  2. Network Availability: Your phone's ability to connect to 5G depends on your location and the availability of 5G networks. In areas without 5G coverage, the phone will default to 4G or lower.

  3. Compatibility: Make sure your SIM card and plan are 5G compatible. Sometimes, you might need to upgrade your plan or SIM card to access 5G networks.

  4. Settings and Software: It's possible that you need to configure your phone's settings or update its software to enable 5G connectivity fully.

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Thank you, Olivers for your response.

I bought Dream 5G due to Cricket upgrade. I have both dream 5g and other 5g phone at the same location, other 5g phone show 5g, dream 5g display 4g in the setting. I swapped the SIM card between 5g phone and dream 5g, the result is the same, dream 4g setting is no changed, so it is nothing to do with SIM card. Software is up to date in dream 5g. I tried all you mentioned, except the market term.

By the way, Cricket warranty sent me the third phone, the result is the same, 4g in the setting. Mobile data is grayed out and can’t toggle on/off.