Is it my phone or ?

I switched to cricket let's say maybe 3 months ago got a free Stylo 6 for my husband and I. Now ever since we can hardly use our phones at home if we try and it goes through nobody can hear us and if we try to text they always fail for the longest time before sending them we have confused each other because we receive texts from one another extremely delayed like by hours delayed then all the sudden 10 messages come thru at the same time. Anyone else have a Stylo 6 and have the same issue or is it just because we live in Winlock WA ☹️

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Its so frustrating to not have service in your house 🙈. But you can always enable wifi calling and that issue would go away😊👍.

@Uptownlatina1 Wish that was the case but I've had that enabled since day one and It still sucks !!!!! I mean bad it's probably because I'm in the middle of Winlock and the nearest tower is quite a ways away