Let's stand up against Cricket's unlawful suspensions of personal phone lines

  • 15 August 2021
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Cricket claims to shut down its 3G network in February 2022. And for that Cricket has been suspending phone lines used in devices that Cricket deemed incompatible. Actually, not all those devices are incompatible with Cricket’s 4G LTE and HD Voice Calling. It is just they are not in Cricket;s short limited compatible list.

If your line is suspended, like mine and many others’, then congratulations, you will need find a appropriate time to contact customer support and ask them to unsuspend it for you. Even more surprises, if you do not use the line in a compatible device they recognize, your line will get suspended again just in a few hours. And you will need to do this again. This never ends, until you get a new phone with Cricket.

Switching the SIM card into a compatible phone does not solve the suspension issue. You will have to talk to customer support, no other way.

But why the heck should Cricket be allowed to suspend costumer’s phone line? It is a violation of consumers’ rights. We paid for the services. You don’t lock my property without my permission. Just inserting the SIM card in an allegedly incompatible device is not a crime or a violation of any code.

For those experiencing similar issues, please join me in filing a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) through https://consumercomplaints.fcc.gov/hc/en-us. Let’s stop Cricket from bullying customers and help make this community better.

For those with a compatible device right now, heads-up, if one day Cricket removes your device from the short limited compatible list, your phone line will also be suspended without your permission. I am porting out anyways.

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@188and8026 While I agree this is frustrating it’s much more efficient than suspending every non-compatible phone on the day they shut down the service. Can you imagine them trying to handle every customer on a non-compatible device in one day? Having this process in place to ensure customers have time to find a compatible device before the shutdown makes sense and suspending the lines is likely the only way most customers will take it seriously.