LG G8X Is Now not compatible??

  • 14 March 2022
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I own a factory unlocked LG G8X (LM-G850QM) running Android 11, Software version G850QM30a, Android security patch August 1, 2021. Checking for updates says I am running the latest software version for current OS. Using the IMEI compatibility checker on Cricket’s website tells me my device is compatible. I returned to Cricket on February 25th after having tried Mint Mobile. (I only got 1 bar of reception with Mint). So after signing back up with Cricket on the 25th my service worked great for two weeks. Then starting on March 10th all incoming calls started going directly to voicemail. Any outgoing call I tried to make immediately gave me a “Call Ended” message. I contacted Cricket support and was told I needed to enable the HD Voice option on my phone. No such setting exists. (I’m with Verizon now and that setting exists. It just disappears when the Cricket SIM is inserted.) Using the *#*#4636#*#* menu I can see that VoLTE is not being provisioned. I was then told by Cricket support that my phone is not compatible with their network.


Today I called LG Support to see if they could offer any information. The LG Rep told me my phone is compatible and should work. The Rep even offered to do a 3 way call with Cricket to see what the issue is. First Cricket tried telling me that the issue was because my phone is an unlocked phone. The LG Rep told the Cricket Rep that the whole point of an unlocked phone is that it is compatible with all carriers. Then the Cricket Rep said it was probably because LG is no longer making mobile phones. The LG Rep said that was wrong and that LG would continue to support its current phones. Finally, the Cricket Rep said that my phone was recently removed from their list of supported phones. It still shows as compatible with the IMEI checker. The LG Rep asked why the phone was removed from the list of supported phones, and the Cricket Rep had no answer.


Im starting to think that I have a perfectly fine, fully capable unlocked phone that Cricket will not allow on their network because they want me to buy one of their phones. Im not sure how this is legal or what I can do about it. Has anyone else had a similar experience?


Oh and Cricket also refused to refund the purchase I made on Feb 25th for $75 (SIM, Activation, 1 Month of service). Cricket suggested I call my card issuer and dispute the charges.


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@M.czajka Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum. We are sorry to hear about your issues with your BYOP LG device and your activation issue. Our Support team is more than happy to look further into this for you. You can reach us on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) for further assistance :green_heart:

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I’m not sure why my original post is marked as solved, because it is definitely NOT solved.


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