LG Stylo 6

  • 25 January 2021
  • 3 replies

I have the LG Stylo 6 and am loving it! Was just wondering is it normal for the stylus pen to have a little play (not loose at all to by any means fall out) but to have a slight little wiggle while inserted into the phone cause if you tap the screen at the bottom right near the pen you can kinda hear it move due to a slight wiggle.

3 replies


I also have this same phone. And I would have to say no, that's not normal. I know 3 other people who have this phone and their stylus isn't loose and /or doesn't wiggle or make any sounds to where u can hear the stylus moving. I think it will be ok as long as it doesn't fall out. A little loose isn't going to hurt anything. 

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Mine is I like loose too 



Well as long as ur ok with it that way is the thing.. I wouldn't be cause I would worry about it falling out lol. And constantly looking at it and making sure it was there lol. But as long as it doesn't fall out is the main thing to be concerned with.