Location of saved visual voicemail messages please -- can't access app after ported number away from

  • 28 November 2018
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Could anyone please tell me, do undeleted visual voicemail messages, especially ones that the user has designated for the app to save, get stored on the phone (in this case Android 7.0, a moto G5 Plus)? And ideally the location / path.
I recently increasingly have been in a location with relatively poor signal strength such that I often found out about a call only after receiving a voicemail message if the caller left one. I opened a service ticket only eventually to be told that the problem has nothing to do with signal.
I however noticed the same problem with a different phone that also uses the AT&T signal, so idecided if even only as an experiment, to try putting the number away to difference cellular company. I ported the number earlier today.
I wanted to access voicemail and I discovered that the visual voicemail app is specific to cricket, and a rep at cricket tech support stated that the messages for a ported away phone number will already have been deleted (not the case though he said if someone's line has been cancelled temporarily for non-payment or at the customer request).
Does anyone please have ideas of how to obtain at least the visual voicemail messages that I had saved in the app? Ideally that the saved ones are stored locally on the phone, and if so ideally provide me with the locatio. thank you--and (as those in a position to answer this particular question probably already know, but I mention for this bus for use) if you ever shift away from cricket or simply want a better backup of saved voicemail messages I suggest first exporting them rather than relying on the saved feature alone.

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Hello @FormerTreoUser,

Thank you for your post. Unless you saved the voicemail messages to your phone separately they would not be stored on the device. When you change service providers you would lose any voicemail messages in your voicemail mailbox. 


Thanks, including for replying so soon.

Here’s how to export and access saved voicemails in the Cricket Visual Voicemail app.


  1. Open the voicemail you want to export and tap the 3 vertical dots at the top right of the screen


  2. Tap “Export to file”
  3. Plug your phone into your computer
  4. Unlock your phone and swipe down from the top of your screen
  5. Tap the menu item that says something like “Android System -Charging this device via USB”


  6. Tap it a second time


  7. Set the “Use USB for” option to something like “File Transfer”
  8. From your computer, open Windows Explorer and click on “This PC” then double-click your Phone’s name


  9. Double click “internal storage”
  10. Click inside the box containing the file path, and add
    to the end of the existing text


  11. If this guide helped you (and this took me a while to figure out) please consider donating even just $1 to the North Carolina ALS association:


For those of you who are already technically inclined, the file path that the Cricket Wireless Visual Voicemail app saves to when you tap “Export to file” can be accessed by a computer at this address: [Your Phone]\Internal shared storage\Android\data\com.mizmowireless.vvm\files


This took me a good while to figure out and if this guide helped you, please consider donating even just $1 to the North Carolina ALS association: