Locked my BYOD Phone

  • 11 July 2020
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I bought my own phone direct from the factory.

Cricket locked it! Checked my account page and called 611.

APN area is grayed out also.

Now I will not get my monthly security updates for an example.

This is illegal! I have been with Cricket since the old days and this is the 1st BYOD you have locked.

Less then a week old Motorola.

Note: I do not tweet or Facebook!



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2 replies

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Got a good guy on chat and all is fine,


I have been pretty happy with Cricket for quite some time.  Lately the service in my neighborhood is poor, to the point of not being able to use my phone.  I have spent hours on the phone with support looking into it and then just requesting an unlock.  This has gone nowhere.  I just spent over an hour on the Facebook messenger in which the support person just stopped responding.  Ridiculous.

I am about to compose an email and send it to executives with chat logs and records of poor customer service.

FYI, Cricket Executive email addresses can be found here: