Looking to Buy LG Harmony 4

  • 29 August 2020
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LG Harmony 4 I am as of now taking a gander at updating my LG Escape 3 that I have had for the last ~47 years, and am taking a gander at the telephones recorded by my transporter Cricket. Does anybody have any understanding/proficient assessments on the Harmony 4? The $140 value stage they have on it for overhauls is about the most I feel great spending on a telephone, my Escape 3 has done well for me up until this point. The primary things I am planning to improve with an overhaul is having a superior camera, and less applications smashing since I made my telephone gbwhatsapp think excessively hard. That and playing music eats battery life like distraught. The Harmony 4 appears as though it would deal with the vast majority of that. Or on the other hand does anybody have an alternate recommendation for me to take a gander at? I could do without any apple items, and incline toward a telephone that fits in my grasp like my Escape, so something around a similar width (2.81") would be liked. Much obliged to you for any helpful counsel you would share.

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