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  • 20 May 2019
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I have a Moto e Supra (give or take a letter or two).

In my messaging app (Android not Facebook) conversations the image next to my posts is not showing correctly. It's actually showing my son's phone image. Not sure how it happened.

Where is the setting for messaging image and how do I change it?


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5 replies

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@Clif001 Hi Tia are you and your son using by any chance the same email that is connected to the gmail account?

Nope, not as far as I know. We've always had separate emails.
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@Clif001 I was able to find the user manual online. Hopefully the link helps. I think around page 25 is the information about message settings.

Hi Cliff001/TIA.

I also have a moto, though a different one. Try this:
Settings > contacts > 3 vertical lines/menu (found in upper left by word "contacts") > settings > my info (set up your profile) > touch the picture at the top if your profile to choose a photo.

I hope this helps!
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