• 29 July 2018
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My LG Stylo 2 plus will not send or receive MMS

6 replies

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Welcome to the forum and thank you for your question! Please refer to the link below to check your APN settings:

So what happens if that information is correct in my phone, amd I can't send MMS?
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Of course I'm typing this on my phone (It's a LG G5, Un-locked), and of course I have a Cricket Wireless SIM Card installed in it so I can utilize the network. This morning I tried sending my two sons a 'bulk' mms message, it never did go through. My question is, is there some kind of limit in place on the cricket wireless network, that prevents me from sending a mms bulk message to two people ? And if so, what is the bulk message limit ?
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@davyp49 MMS messages can be sent to up to 9 people and are limited to 1 Mb in size. 

I can’t sent MMS, make phone calls, send texts or anything. Been without cell service for an hour+ (Metro Atlanta)
Having same issues with my android! Not able to send or receive MMS messages. I have tried resetting the apn settings with no luck. What else can I do? Get a new phone? New provider?