MMS not working unless 4G is fully engaged in upload/download mode - Help, please

  • 23 August 2019
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I have an LG G4, with the latest version of Messages app installed. My attempts to resolve my issue also included checking the settings for the Network Access Point where I have made sure my settings match what the cricketwireless website state the settings should be.

It takes hours -and days- to get MMS group messaging to download. I am beyond frustrated and thinking to cancel my Cricket subscription. Group MMS is a fundamental piece of my cell phone communications.

What else I can fix/set/reconfigure on my phone to get MMS to work more reliably? If this is a cell coverage problem, how can I determine that?

Thanks in advance


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1 reply

Ended up working with a Support Tech via Cricket Chat. I had to create a brand new APN (Network Access Point) to fix my MMS. Modifying the settings of an existing APN wouldn't work.

Now that I've created a brand new (and only) APN access point, using the settings from the Cricket website, my issue has been resolved - yipee!!