Mobile hotspot quit working

  • 11 January 2020
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I spend my winters in a place that requires me to get a temporary Cricket # to use the mobile hotspot to connect to my regular phone and to have internet access on my computer. Last winter I used a phone I received from a family member, it wasn't a Cricket phone but the hotspot worked perfectly. In November I got a new Cricket number and the phone also worked perfectly, hotspot and all. But suddenly since yesterday whenever I connect to my hotspot, pages take ages to upload (up to 10 min if they even upload), something I had never experienced before. Talking with Cricket customer service people it seems like their system suddenly decided to block the hotspot on my phone that was working perfectly fine. I'm extremely disappointed with them as I have been using their services without any problems As I don't want to buy yet another phone, I will have to go to another company, unless there exists a magical cure to make my hotspot work properly again?

2 replies

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As far as I know, you need to have a Cricket branded phone to use the hotspot (legally).

They referred me 100 times to their list of "eligible devices" and one of my phones is not in that list, but another is (unlocked through another carrier). I tried asking the customer support team multiple times if the hotspot would work with that other phone since it's in the list, and every time they refer me to the list I was just looking at and they can't confirm that it indeed has to be a Cricket phone and that my phone would/would not work. Since they can't seem to answer my question, I'm starting to think that you are right, only Cricket phones seem to be able to handle the hotspot... I'm done with the headaches, I am going to another provider.