Moto G Stylus 5G dropping service

  • 2 March 2023
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Was on an old plan and upgraded to 5G a few months ago. If I'm outside it works fine but as soon as I go inside a building, any building anywhere, it drops back to 4G and says I have no internet connection. I have to go outside to reliably use my phone to get online. Text and calling work fine inside but no internet connection. Powering off and on, resetting the network settings, taking out the SIM card etc have done nothing to resolve the issue. Went to the cricket store and they told me to call customer support. Called customer support twice and talked to two different people who told me to do the things listed above, which proved ineffective. Said they'd call me back but never did. Seems like the only solution is to switch to a different carrier. I don't know what else I'm supposed to do.


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Hi @Id8jlb8666 we are sorry to hear of your service issue and would be glad to assist you further. May you contact @CricketSupport for further assistance. 

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Isn't that what I just did?

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I know this may sound a 🤏🏻 weird, but have you tried turning on Airplane Mode, and then turning Airplane Mode back off again after a few seconds? I have the same phone and my phone does the same thing! Just not in all buildings. But whenever I turn my airplane mode on and back off, it USUALLY will start working again. Hope that helps ☺️

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Sorry for the delayed reply. I have tried that actually but with little success. Like I have to be close to a door or window for it to catch 5G coming out of airplane mode but when I move from that area it immediately drops to 4G. If I'm not near a door or window it goes straight to 4G out of airplane mode and stays there with no connection. I can call or text just fine so I don't think it's a coverage or reception issue. My phone says that I'm connected but the internet says otherwise. No one else living here or visiting has that problem so if you and I have the same phone and the same problem then it must be the phone. Not sure how to go about finding a solution for that problem though. Thanks for your help and for taking the time. Much appreciated.

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I suppose the only solution is getting another phone🤷🏼‍♀️. That's the only thing that I see, that will 100% fix your problem. I'm sorry, I guess we BOTH have crappy phones, unfortunately, yours is just a 🤏🏻 bit crappier😕 

Sorry for the SUPER LATE REPLY, I didn't know that your service would send their emails to my spam🙄