Moto G100 5G phone only showing 4G service

  • 11 May 2022
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I recently purchased an unlocked Moto G100 5G phone directly from Motorola.  I verified the phone’s IMIE number via the cricket website, which said it was compatible.  But when I transferred the SIM from my old Moto Power G phone (approx 18 months old) into the Moto G100 5G phone, I am only connected to the 4G network.  I reside in the Dallas, TX commuting area where 5G is available.  Do I need to order another SIM card from cricket in order to get my new phone connected to the 5G network?  the Moto G100 5G phone did download software from the cricket network and I did reboot it both times it downloaded software from cricket.  But it still remains connected to the 4G network.  What else do I need to do in order to connect to the 5G network


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Hello @chasel214, you may be on an older plan that does not include 5G. If you need additional assistance, send us a private message with a description of your issue.