Moto one Hyper (not 5G model) SMS Failed

  • 9 October 2022
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Long term user with multiple phones on Cricket.  Upgraded one old LG phone/line to a BYOD Moto One Hyper (not 5g model) close to 2 year ago without any problems that wasn't resolved fast by perhaps a restart or closing an app then trying again.  But recently having 75% of outgoing SMS / MMS reporting "Message Failed" may send after 3 or 4 attempts by clicking the Retry option.  No patterns to suggest only to certain carriers or even on numbers being the issue as they can be resent eventually. Just been informed other contacts having similar problems being unable to message me as often being told Im not available or similar. WIFI 5Ghz also disconnected often from different router or ISP connections I've used for years, though may not be related.  Lots of people with SMS issues that are similar and no definitive reason why or answer how it can be resolved. If the services are going to continue to be this unreliable then maybe it's time to move my business to a better (probably a little more expensive) provider without problems and worth every penny in my opinion. Please explain the solution to this or it won't be an if I change to I'm going... 


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Hello @Wh0da! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for sharing with us. We’re happy to look further into your SMS issue. To get started, we will need to get more info on your device and details of your account. We ask that you please DM us @CricketSupport for further assistance 👍

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I did just that and they refreshed something on my line and told me to shut down my phone for 8 minutes then restart.  I did that and not a single issue since.  Fast response, good resolve and happy customer again.

It's the only issue in 3 or 4 years I've had with any of the phones, so I'm probably pretty lucky overall.