my 2nd! dream 5g

  • 14 March 2023
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This is my second dream about you after the first one brick as the screen would not turn on. 

The second one has given me nothing but issues though I have luckily been able to make it do the most basic of things. 

I paid a decent amount of money but not a whole lot since I switched to cricket and got the discount or whatever. 

I wondering if anyone else has had issues like this with this particular phone. I have been paying for the protection plan or whatever and I feel like it's not worth it because it's pretty much no better than the cheap $30 phones I was getting before I switch to cricket. 


I rarely if I ever gotten 5G I've had to reset the network over and over again and then reset the whole phone because of some kind of acs process that pops up and then I can't make any phone calls or receive any and my Wi-Fi calling has only worked for maybe a month the whole time I've had service with cricket

I hope that there is a better phone that isn't going to cost me a whole lot of money that I would hope is equal to the one I currently have otherwise I am going to take this experience with this phone to represent the company and will have to switch to another unfortunately. 

But if someone could point me to a phone that is equal to what was advertised about this phone and not kill my pocketbook I would appreciate it as a would rather not switch because other than the issues with the phone itself I have never had any issues with phone call quality or paying my phone bill. 


Anyways any hope could be appreciated thanks 


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Hi @Rreid421

Sorry to hear you are having issues with your Cricket Dream 5G. Depending on the issues, your device may be covered by its 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty for Cricket branded devices. To make a warranty claim please visit the link below and follow the prompts on the site, or contact the Returns Center at 1-800-CRICKET (274-2538) for assistance. The support center will troubleshoot the device malfunction over the phone and provide instructions for the warranty return, if applicable.

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I've already had to exchange for another one. I don't want to go for 3. 

Could i exchange for an equal but different phone? (I don't even believe they are being sold anymore) 

I really don't wanna have to fork out phone money. I got this bc i was told it was one of the best cricket phones at the time. And that it would last me for a long time. I used cheap 30 dollar phones that last about 6 months a yr of lucky. I wanted to spend sum money on a phone that would last longer and have more modern tech. That's what i was promised by the rep on that cricket store. But so far it's only been as good as the cheap phones in its ability to make calls and messaging. But the wifi calling 5g randomly going back or resetting not sending receiving messages for hours or at all losing advanced messaging features not syncing with voicemail constant unknown acs notifications and the list goes on and on. 


If after this terrible experience, if my only options are to fork out more money for the same or even another, I'll prolly just go back to the cheap phones... At least ik exactly what NOT to expect out of them and how long the thing will probably last. 





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Hi @Rreid421, it looks like our Digital Care Team is already assisting you with your warranty escalation via Facebook Messenger. We will provide updates on the status of your request on that platform.