My phone from 2019 wont work after 5G upgrade?

  • 13 September 2021
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I have a OnePlus 7pro phone I purchased from 2019, that's less than 2yrs ago. I am pretty sure its technology and everything is more than capable of keep working with any modern upgrade of phone service.


But I've received a text from cricket saying that it's not going to be the case and I'd need to buy a new phone?? 


I also have prepaid the service for the next year or so. So what if I don't want to spend $1k on a new phone and decide that I want to change to a different service provider? Would my prepaid amount be refunded??


Thank you


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Hi @Raydeon 


As of January 19, 2021, Cricket is no longer activating devices that customers bring to Cricket if the device is not HD Voice-capable due to the pending 3G network shutdown. If a non-compatible device has been in use before January 19, 2021, it can be used until February 2022. To activate a new device on the Cricket network, you'll need an HD Voice-capable smartphone that is compatible with the Cricket HD Voice network. This includes HD Voice-capable devices from Cricket, and select BYOD (bring your own devices). Not all 4G LTE phones brought to Cricket will work on Cricket’s HD Voice network, unfortunately. Please know that payments made for Cricket Wireless services are not refundable. For more information on the 3G network shutdown, you can check out the link provided:

3G Network Shutdown



It happened to me, too.