my phone randomly shutoff (its new)

  • 23 October 2022
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today my phone exactly at 11:30 pm randomly shut off wasnt sure where or how it started i was moving my amazon app to my sd card and poof my phone shut off so i took out the battery and updated the software  just in case then i tried moving amazon to my sd card poof off again so i had to remove the battery and restart the phone .. i could not tell if its from moving the app to sd card or the phone or the fact that today is the last day of my billing cycle  i checked online and cricket wireless indicated " billing running services'  why would that shut off my phone phone shut off and i had to put it back on every 12 minute then it stopped  then it acted up again then stopped  ,this is a new phone i just bought it a few days ago 


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3 replies

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There is a chance that this is a software issue so if you bought the phone within 7 days just simply return it to the store you bought so that they can replace your phone. Also there is a chance that there is an automatic power off on your phone make sure that its off as well .


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Hi @lordie! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. Please know that Cricket does not have a way to turn off your phone. We can only manage your Cricket account and service. It sounds like your device is malfunctioning. We recommend making sure that the software version is up to date on the device. If the software version is up to date and you are still experiencing this issue, you can return/exchange your device at the store it was purchased from within our 7-day return period that starts on the day after purchase. Let us know if we can answer any other questions for you here 👍

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thanks everyone i feel since my phone is new it might need updating so i just updated the software and apps and working out someone the bugs such as screen freezing between screens and app info pop up when i want to open the app  ..i feel this phone is like my old one gotta work the bugs out ..if it doesnt work i will take it back to the store .