my phone will not let me send messages or access my camera since software update 2 days ago

  • 3 March 2023
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I have a Splenda cricket phone 2 days ago maybe 3 by now, I had a software update. After that my phone is a piece of crap. When I go on my messages I can receive them..  I can view them. Then  if I try to send a message when I click on the keyboard as soon as I touch the keyboard my screen flashes.  Then immediately it goes away.  Next up pops a box saying close app or app information every time. I have tried to get on the chat for four times yesterday last night it was a nightmare.  The last person I got on there was a straight smart ass and my bill is due tomorrow and I really don't even want to pay it. 

The second problem is my camera does not do screenshots now it says the organization that you're with or the app will not allow screenshots what!?!  It is now starting to flash on other screens & turn off.

I have turned my phone on and off I have restarted it I've cleared the cache I've cleaned out storage I deleted apps, turned airplane mode on off,🤷🧘 reset the APN the chat botline was no help not anyone I texted with.  

I am legally blind I struggle with technology anyway this has just about made my blood pressure blow my head off.  

I had put in a new SD card because my other one was getting full yesterday I don't know but else to do anybody help me please. 



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Hi there, we are sorry to hear of this. Most Cricket devices carry a one-year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase. Warranty claim coverage period on all wireless devices begins at the end of the 7-day return period. To make a warranty claim free of charge, visit and follow the prompts on the site to complete your warranty claim.