Need help choosing between two phones Moto 7 supra and galaxy s9

  • 10 November 2019
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Hi there!  I'm new to the community.  I am in search of some wisdom.  I am trying to decide between the Moto 7 Supra and the Galaxy s9.  I am in the process of becoming a single mom, but I do need a good working phone that will last me a while and will do more than just be a basic phone.  Both of these phones seem to have decent ratings, but I'd love to hear your pros and cons.  Or even better, someone who has used them both.  The price on the Galaxy is more expensive, so not spending as much would be great.  But I don't want to spend it if the cheaper phone is comparable and dependable.  I definitely need dependable, something where the OS will be supported for a decent amount of time (I have old phone/mac that are not supported anymore on many sites including bank.)

Thanks for your hellp!

1 reply

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@minagelina I"ve heard good feedback on both phones. The S9 is more high end so it will have better features and likely last longer without getting slow. Cricket has ratings and reviews for all of their smartphones on their website which may help you decide.