New phone, new SIM--how to switch while keeping existing Cricket account and number?

  • 30 March 2021
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I have a new Android phone and I have a new Cricket Wireless “Universal SIM Card Activation Kit” ordered from Amazon.  I want to simply insert the new SIM into the new phone and activate it on my existing Cricket Wireless plan/account, replacing my existing one and maintaining the existing plan, existing cellphone number, etc.  What is the proper way to do this, ideally through the portal/website?  I’ve seen a number of different references to “purchasing a new SIM at a Cricket store and having them perform the activation”, but I don’t believe that should be necessary.  Any advice from the community?  If I have to do this in multiple steps, that’s fine too.  I just want to make sure that the end result is what I want and that I don’t lose either the number or a lot of time traveling or on the phone--I live in a remote area at least an hour one-way away from any store.



2 replies

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Hi @jmcnay 

Since you already have an active number, you would just need to contact us to update the SIM card for your line. I would also recommend using the link below to check that your new device is 100% compatible with our network. To update the SIM, you can reach out to our support team on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) or by dialing 611 from your Cricket phone.




I lost my phone that I just got a few weeks ago from a cricket wireless authorized retailer store and I am having trouble #1 accessing my account via online. #2 activating my new cricket wireless phone I bought from krogers it came with a sim card and I just can't seem to be able to put my existing cricket account plan and number on the new phone. Are there any cricket wireless phones that would not work for me?